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Walter Pitcher 
Image of Walter Pitcher House

Charles J. Shaw
Image of Charles J. Shaw House

 Henry J. Sawyer
Image of Henry J. Sawyer House

 Louis Lozar
Image of Louis Lozar House

Joseph & Anna Skorupa 
Image of Joseph & Anna Skorupa House

Oscar C. Kaiser 
Image of Oscar C. Kaiser House

 Harless W. King
Image of Harless W. King House

 Hugo Griep House
Image of Hugo Griep House House

Thomas Hennebry 
Imago of Thomas Hennebry House

Charles L. Wallace
Image of Charles L. Wallace House

 Richard J. Burrill
Image of Richard J. Burrill House

 Fred Walsh
Image of Fred Walsh House

Image of Meinert/Winterstein House

 Robert Rub
Image of Robert Rub House

 Howard M. Snapp
Image of Howard M. Snapp House

 Hiram B. Scutt Mansion
Image of Irving & Mildred Shutts House

 Clinton E. B. Cutler
Image of Clinton E. B. Cutler House

 La Verne L. White
Image of La Verne L. White House

 Seward & Florence M. Brown
Image of Seward & Florence M. Brown House

  Peter G. Rulien
Image of Peter G. Rulien House

 Morris Niver Farmhouse
Image of Morris Niver Farmhouse

 J.W. Fitz Gibbons
Image of J.W. Fitz Gibbons House

 J.W. Downey
Image of J.W. Downey House 
 Edward C. Barrett
Image of Edward C. Barrett House

 Frederick R. Hollander
Image of Frederick R. Hollander House

 William Moore
Image of 	William Moore House

 Joachion Rohwedder
Image of Joachion Rohwedder House

 C. Louis & Lydia Pearce
Image of C. Louis & Lydia Pearce House

  F.S. Davidson
Image of F.S. Davidson House

 Lydia A. Culver
Image of Lydia A. Culver House

 Henry Sehring
Image of Henry Sehring House

 M.Z. Button
Image of M.Z. Button House

 Henry Schwartz
Image of Henry Schwartz House

 John Leiser
Image of John Leiser House

 W.A.S. Brooks
Image of W.A.S. Brooks House

 Central Presbyterian Church
Image of Central Presbyterian Church

Image of Campbell/Strong House

 John D'Arcy
Image of John D'Arcy House

 Benjamin Pickles
Image of Benjamin Pickles House

Image of Carpenter/Maue House

 Dr. Higgins
Image of Dr. Higgins House

 Patrick C. Haley Mansion
Image of Patrick C. Haley Mansion

 Jacob Henry Mansion
Image of Jacob Henry Mansion

 Fred E. Grohue
Image of Fred E. Grohue House

Image of Henry/Folk House

 Stansbury Rubens
Image of Stansbury Rubens

 Theodore & Anna Latz
Image of Theodore & Anna Latz House

 Joseph Del Rose
Image of Joseph Del Rose House

 Rudolph Hoen
Image of Rudolph Hoen House

 George E. Niver
Image of George E. Niver House

 Ottawa Street Methodist Church
Image of Ottawa Street Methodist Church

 John H. Scheuber
Image of John H. Scheuber House

Image of Wagne House

 Albert Fiero
Image of Albert Fiero House

 William W. Wood
Image of William W. Wood House

Image of Richardson/Stevens House

 Eliza Kelly School
Image of Eliza Kelly School

 Julius J. Gross
Image of Julius J. Gross House

 Dr. Charles Eldred
Image of Dr. Charles Eldred House

 Robert W. & Rilla A. Harper
Image of Robert W. & Rilla A. Harper House

 Irving & Mildred Shutts
Image of Irving & Mildred Shutts House

 Martin F. Kennedy
Image of Martin F. Kennedy House

Enisha Meers 
Image of Enisha Meers House

 Major Max Goldberg
Image of Major Max Goldberg House

 Vernette Wraith
Image of Vernette Wraith House

 E.E Thornberg
Image of E.E Thornberg House

 Edward R. Holmes 
Image of Edward R. Holmes House

 G.W. Young
Image of G.W. Young House

 Rudolph Hoen II
Image of Rudolph Hoen II House

 Henry & Helen Balensiefe
Image of Henry & Helen Balensiefer House

 Jenie Dorn
Image of Jenie Dorn House

 William & Mary Swinbank
Image of William & Mary Swinbank House

 Charles Crusoe 
Image of Charles Crusoe House

 George & Juanita Palmer
Image of George & Juanita Palmer House

  All Saints Greek Orthodox Church
Image of All Saints Greek Orthodox Church

 Hugh H. Carson
Image of Hugh H. Carson House